EPLAN ePULSE: Working in a secure cloud environment

Author: Harold van Waardenburg

Within the manufacturing industry, chain cooperation is in the DNA of companies. Moreover, digitisation and Smart Industry are now dominant trends in this sector. Under these terms you will find EPLAN ePULSE; a digital cloud platform in which the EPLAN products and services for working in the cloud can be found. These products work together with (locally running) applications such as Electric P8 and Pro Panel on the existing EPLAN Platform.

Today's cloud-based applications mainly revolve around data and collaboration in the chain. For the digitisation of processes, it is important that the component contains data for all process steps, from design to production. EPLAN ePULSE creates new opportunities for component manufacturers to facilitate engineers in their daily work. The EPLAN Data Portal will soon be moved to the cloud and further expanded. EPLAN is committed to higher data quality and completeness therefore, have introduced the the new EPLAN Data Standard.

In chain cooperation, operators, system integrators, engineering firms, machine and panel builders have so far often used the exchange of documents, PDFs and e-mails to exchange data. This leads to version problems: does everyone have the same, up-to-date information? The ePULSE application EPLAN eVIEW makes it possible to unambiguously view changes, comments and specifications based on the most current design version. Collaborative partners can, for example, approve parts of designs, add comments or 'redline' and 'greenline'. All free of charge!

Another application can be found in maintenance and management. Maintenance engineers can easily look up the current documentation that has been created since engineering in the cloud, for example via a QR code on the control cabinet. This works a lot faster and easier than browsing through paper documents until you finally find what you are looking for.

Are you curious what you can do with EPLAN eVIEW? Take a look at how communication and collaboration are made simple in this video. 

Higher plan

In addition to data and chain cooperation, EPLAN ePULSE also has a third pillar: automated engineering. The automated generation of designs from libraries has now also become cloud-based with EPLAN eBUILD. A free version of this application is available containing libraries with partial circuits offered by component manufacturers. 

When creating new solutions, we always identify customer priorities and respond to those needs in the best way possible. We decided to roll out our cloud environment after carefully listening to customers and discovering that improving chain collaboration is a key priority. 


In the future, the well-known products of the EPLAN Platform such as Electric P8 and Pro Panel will also be available in a cloud version. The advantages are clear. For example, you can release new versions without having to install them separately, allowing you to implement improvements much faster and more often.

EPLAN ePULSE offers possibilities in the future. Third-party applications can be made available on ePULSE, while cloud integration with, for example, PLM, PLC and ERP systems from well-known providers via interfaces is also an obvious option. In the digitalised future, many systems will be connected via the cloud. Examples include wiring robots and third-party cloud environments, such as automobile manufacturers. Another possibility we're exploring is exchange experiences of co-engineering in a cloud-based community.

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