How do I integrate my PLM system with EPLAN?

Author: Barry Chatham

If your PLM or PDM system is not properly integrated with EPLAN, or if there is no integration, this can result in your business processes becoming cluttered and/or inefficient:

  • Your employees drown in a large amount of drawings, bills of materials, e-mails and documents that are "somewhere" on the server. Due to the lack of order, incorrect electrical schematics (such as an old version of a schematic) are accidentally used.
  • The different departments (mechanical, electrical and software) are not well attuned to one another.
  • Incorrect material lists are used, resulting in wrong orders being placed.
  • "Obsolete materials" are sent to order, because the EPLAN user is not aware that this is an expired item.

The consequences of poor integration

The above problems have a major impact on all processes within your company. By losing time, the lead time of projects becomes unnecessarily longer, which increases the cost price and can lead to dissatisfied customers.

Because information is difficult to find and not always clear, work is done twice or the wrong information is used. As a result, your employees become frustrated because the processes do not run smoothly, the departments are not well attuned to each other and communication between the various departments is difficult.

Why integrate EPLAN with your PLM system?

Do you want the planning and production process to be better aligned with engineering? An end to long searches for the right information? Put an end to uncertainty about the accuracy of the information or about which information can be shared? Avoiding that crucial design information is spread over different teams/departments? Or find a better way to deal with the rapid increase of engineering data within your organisation? All this is possible with a correct integration of your PLM system and EPLAN.

How to link EPLAN to a PLM system?

We offer links with various PLM systems such as Windchill, Teamcenter, SAP, PRO.FILE and Vault. Integration between EPLAN and your PLM system always follows a fixed procedure:

  • Kick-off workshop: all parties involved make a joint analysis of which options the customer needs and agree on how the connector will be configured.
  • The specifications are written out in detail.
  • Processing feedback and adjustments.
  • Delivery/Installation.
  • Test phase.
  • Commissioning of the connector.

Reaping the benefits of good PLM integration

As soon as the link is active, you will immediately notice the difference:

  • The technical data coming from EPLAN will be placed in your PLM system in a structured and unambiguous way.
  • Project information (EPLAN documents, BOM lists ...) will be retrievable in a structured way.
  • Revision management is fully controlled by the PLM system. You can clearly follow all changes and everyone always works with the most recent version of document.
  • Articles are synchronised (articles in the PLM system have the same description as articles in EPLAN).
  • Both the mechanical, electrical and software data can be found quickly and clearly in the PLM system.
  • Collaboration between different departments is more efficient. You optimise the development process.
  • Existing knowledge/information is reused in an optimal way.

Improve your processes

Are you convinced of the importance of correct integration between EPLAN and your PLM system? We will be happy to help you with this. Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment. 

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