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Nigel Grant Nigel Grant Nigel has been working at EPLAN UK for almost 3 years as an Applications Engineer. His main tasks include installing the EPLAN software, giving live demos to prospects and customers and training customers on best practices for using the software. He has previously worked as an Electrical Engineer and a Project Engineer, both of which have driven his passion for helping companies become more efficient and driving their engineering to the next level. Nigel's experience in panel wiring, electrical engineering and project work has given him a well-rounded view of the industry. This enables him to offer customers the best solutions for their processes.

Answering your questions: How much does EPLAN cost?

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EPLAN packages are known world-wide for their versatility and time-saving capabilities so it is no wonder that people want to learn about their features and benefits – and, of course, how much a licence actually costs.

But as EPLAN is not a simple product that you can pick up off the shelf and pop in your trolley, there’s no instant answer.

Purchasing an EPLAN licence is very similar to purchasing a designer kitchen; you wouldn’t walk into a kitchen showroom and ask for a price without specifying the number of cabinets you need, size of your kitchen and your preferred colour scheme. In a similar vein, EPLAN software prices depend on the specification you require.

When people inquire about our packages, we take the time to find out what internal procedures they have, the systems they use, their industry-related requirements and their pain points. We discuss what their issues are and how their bottlenecks can be eased or removed.

eplan discussionThe team will sit down with your business to discuss your current process.

After we find out all of these important details, we evaluate their feedback carefully and then return with our findings and suggestions. We also schedule in demonstration for a tailor-made solution that is optimised for the customer.

Some of the most frequent comments about pain points come down to the time spent on manual work: “Cable schedules are 100% manual and take around two days per project” or “10% of my time is spent wire numbering” or even “20% of my time is printing wire labels”.

Modern CAE software systems enable these and many other time-consuming manual functions to be performed automatically and almost instantaneously. By using a well-chosen CAE package, panel builders can benefit from an increase in productivity, shorter project turnaround times and improvements in product quality.

Digital twin of enclosures multibay

A digital twin created with EPLAN Pro Panel.

What’s more, with repetitive data entry and manual data conversion no longer needed, product development can be made more efficient. This frees up engineering time for further innovation. And last but not least, continual data exchange increases project quality and accelerates the entire engineering process on a sustainable basis.

Our suggestions usually include a calculation estimating the amount of time being lost due to repetitive manual tasks, errors and changes. Based on these and other calculations we suggest the right EPLAN package and licence level to remove these burdens and optimise operations. The good news is that an investment into EPLAN can be quickly recouped thanks to time savings achieved and the virtual elimination of design errors.

EPLAN Subscription

As of August 2021, EPLAN has sold licenses via subscription, meaning that there is no longer the need for a high upfront investment. This also allows customers to have more flexibility over their licenses and adjust according to their current needs and requirements. For example, if you need the fluid add-on for one project or have a big project that will require more licenses, scale-up and purchase those for just one year and then reassess in 12 months time. Here's 10 reasons for subscribing to the EPLAN software.


EPLAN has researched ways in which the design and manufacture of control cabinets and switchgear can be made easier and more efficient. Discover these findings in the below white paper:

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Alternatively, request a demonstration of the EPLAN Software and discover for yourself the benefits of using the CAE Solution.

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