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‘Complex’ doesn't have to mean ‘complicated’

Author: Simon Knibbs

Design engineers often have to manage complex projects that involve numerous components, many people and time spans of weeks or even months. This is why when you start a large project it's essential to plan out the details – every wire and every component – right from the very beginning. And EPLAN Pro Panel will give you all the tools you need to do exactly that.

You’ll be able to design and configure control panels faster, more efficiently and more accurately than ever before. EPLAN Pro Panel handles all wiring, component mounting and busbar design details. It produces 3D views so that you and your customers can see exactly what the finished panels will look like, even before work begins on building them.

The virtual 3D model of the control cabinet switchgear system will help you to make best use of the valuable control panel space. Integrated planning aids such as collision testing, adherence to manufacturer installation guidelines, minimum clearances and bending radii, allow fast optimised design and component placement. Errors become a thing of the past because complex projects can be laid out clearly.

EPLAN Pro Panel guarantees increased efficiencies across the board and over time this translates to thousands of pounds of savings and of course, happier customers!

If you are a design engineer losing sleep about complex cabinet designs, fear not; help is at hand! All of these complications can become a thing of the past as you’ll discover when you read our latest cabinet control whitepaper, which can be accessed free-of-charge here:

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