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4 Benefits Of Using A Digital Twin

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A digital twin is an accurate virtual representation of a physical object or component. In digital twin engineering, the twin object is a precise replication of its real-world counterpart in a virtual environment, created by using sensors to mirror not just the dimensions of the object, but also its core functions and features.

A digital twin features all the physical and performance characteristics of the real-world object, including energy output and design flaws. Using a digital twin, therefore, gives engineering managers crucial insights into the performance of components and applications in the real world, without the costs and risks associated with prototyping. Here the main four benefits of using a digital twin in your design engineering process.

1) Better Research And Development

A digital twin allows for thorough testing and analysis of an object under various scenarios, to understand likely performance outcomes. This can identify areas for potential improvements, weaknesses, and inefficiencies in far greater detail, and from a greater number of viewpoints, than a standard 2D view. Using digital twins as a ‘virtual prototype’ can shorten the research and development cycle, and facilitate better design decisions being made before an object goes into physical production.

2) Greater Efficiency

Digital twin engineering software can represent not only physical objects but aid in production processes and services, enabling efficiency improvements that allow businesses to streamline their production process and ensure they are running at peak efficiency. Data can be collected that accurately reflects performance parameters during real-world production, highlighting areas where cost savings could be made.

3) Increased Reliability And Availability

Digital twin engineering provides increased reliability and availability, by creating a 3D representation which allows you to see any potential issues of a product – without the expense of producing a physical prototype. Changes can be made to a digital twin quickly and at very little cost, with improved collaboration between departments working on the project. 

Not only does this benefit efficiency during production and testing, but the digital twin can also be used to reduce later faults. Some digital twin software for example, can identify important airflow gaps in an electrical enclosure which enables the product to last longer, and reduces maintenance and servicing costs for manufacturers/suppliers.

4) Increased Customisation And Personalisation Options

In some cases, customers can remotely configure their customised products using a digital twin application, saving your engineers valuable time, and shortening the approval cycle. This makes digital twin applications especially useful for businesses that solely or predominantly produce bespoke projects. Digital twin software allows a greater level of personalisation and customer satisfaction, at a reduced cost, while still adhering to tight customer budgets and delivery timeframes.

Next Steps

Eplan develops leading-edge digital twin software for both control cabinet design and wire harnesses to help visionary engineering businesses improve their engineering processes and take their companies to the next level, leveraging the benefits of digitalisation, automation, and Industry 4.0. These solutions offer automated wire routing and drilling information, as well as, having an interface with Rittal Therm which determines the required air-conditioning for heat dissipation. To find out more about our software solutions and how they can benefit your business, please call 01709 704100 today.

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