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An Interview with The University of Huddersfield’s Team HARE: How Team HARE used Eplan Education to build its first Electric Vehicle

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Eplan are passionate about supporting the next generation of engineers and innovators. Each year we support Formula Student teams around the UK with the build of their vehicle. Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition, taking place annually at Silverstone. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with The University of Huddersfield’s Formula Student team, Team HARE to discuss their experience with Eplan Education. This talented group of future engineers shared with us their experiences and how it has enhanced their design process.

Give us an Introduction to Team HARE

Omar Zayed (Team Principal):Team HARE is the University of Huddersfield’s Formula Student Team. We are one of the oldest teams in the UK, starting out in 1999, with quite a lot of successful results. Mainly 2001 and 2013 when we got top first UK and in 2019 when we got top third UK.”

What are Team HARE’s goals for the race?

Omar Zayed: “The goals for this year, as a first year EV team, is to get the car running, to pass scrutineering and to finish the endurance. That’s always a challenge because more than 70% of the teams that go into EV for the first time will fail scrutineering. We don’t want to be part of the 70% so we’re really pushing towards the legalisation of our vehicle but also getting it to be as reliable as possible.”


Why did Team HARE decide to work with Eplan?

Ahmed Sameh (Electronics Lead): “We have used Eplan because it is well recognised across a lot of Formula Student teams. Also, it has amazing functionality in terms of designing, creating concepts and 3D modelling. That’s why we, as Team HARE, have decided to go with it”

Which of Eplan’s tools do Team HARE utilise?

Ahmed Sameh: “Currently we’ve used Eplan Education and Eplan Harness Education. We started using Eplan Education to learn how to use the software and then we used Eplan Harness Education to place all the connectors and all the components that we’re going to use on the car. We’ve started with placing the connectors on the vehicle and then we’ve jumped on the wiring. So we can see a 3D design or a 3D model of how the car would look.”

How has working with Eplan benefited Team HARE?

Ahmed Sameh: “It has always been easier to visualise how the 3D design was done by the mechanical team, but we’ve never imagined that we can have that from an electrical perspective. So Eplan has provided a solution that allows us to see how everything can be integrated together and to see the results rather than waiting until we start building.

Charis Efthymiou (Electronics Deputy Team Lead): “It’s really easy to use. You can use it, not just for designing a car, but designing everything that has to do with electrical wiring.”


How would you describe the support you have received from Eplan?

Rayan Mahmoud (HV Systems Team Lead): “There was a constant communication between Team HARE and Eplan. Eplan supported us a lot with tutorials of the platform.”

Peter Farah (Junior Electronics Engineer): “They also sent us lots of videos. Not just for installing the software but also for understanding the technical aspects of it.”

How does Formula Student impact your future and career prospects?

Omar Zayed: “I personally think Formula Student has impacted my career prospects quite a lot. When I first started out, I didn’t have much experience but as I progressed through the team I’ve managed to secure a placement down at Red Bull Racing which then helped to push my career towards motorsport.”

What would you say to a Formula Student team that is thinking about working with Eplan?

Ahmed Sameh: “For me, Eplan is very efficient in terms of delivering how the car would look from a 3D design perspective. That actually helped as my final year project is the electrical wiring system loom. So I’ve managed to do that with Eplan. So I would definitely recommend Eplan for all Formula Student teams. It’s really beneficial to be honest.”

Describe Eplan in one word

Peter Farah: “I would say Eplan is reliable.”

Ahmed Sameh: “Simple.”

Charis Efthymiou: “Just one word won’t do it!”

Omar Zayed: “I would say Eplan is very efficient. It helps us to bridge the gap between design and build in the fastest way possible.”

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