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Ian Greeves Ian Greeves Ian has been working at EPLAN UK for almost 3 years as an Applications Engineer. Ian has previously worked in the maintenance department and in the pre-production department, designing and building semi and fully automated machinery. He wants to use his engineering skills and expertise together with EPLAN to enable customers to simulate, validate and optimise their electrical design applications to achieve their goals

Digital Device Data in the Value Chain

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Data is at the centre of all you do as an electrical designer. Having access to up-to-date, correct, detailed data is every engineers’ dream. EPLAN and Rittal make this dream a reality!

How often have you had to input component data manually from the website of a component manufacturer into your electrical design software? How long does it take you? Have you ever made an error entering the data? Many engineers can relate to this experience and know the pain-staking task of manually inputting data. If only there were an automated way of bringing correct data into your electrical design project! There is… 

Drag and Drop from the EPLAN Data Portal 

The EPLAN Data Portal is an online component database containing thousands of components from many well-known manufacturers from around the world. All of the data is up to date and can be simply dragged and dropped into an EPLAN project. Details include technical information, schematic macros (symbols), 3D macros, data sheets, dimensions, images, accessories and much, much more, which means you don't have to input data manually! 

If component information is not available, you can easily submit an enquiry to a manufacturer and request that a specific component be uploaded to the EPLAN Data Portal, or alternatively, send it to you. A new rating function also allows you to give feedback on the quality of the data to help other users see which data is the best and to encourage manufacturers to maintain high-quality data at all times. This saves you time and reduces errors in a project. And it gets better! You can easily generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) in just a few clicks with EPLAN computer aided-engineering (CAE) software, which includes all the data’s information from the EPLAN Data Portal. 

BOM EPLAN image A BOM produced in EPLAN with all of the components needed.

Further Streamlining the Design and Planning Process 

Rittal offers optimised, quality data of its components on the EPLAN Data Portal. There are over 5,500 Rittal standard parts on the EPLAN Data Portal, all of which include detailed documentation. This data is also available on RiCAD 3D, software from Rittal, which provides a complete 3D picture of Rittal’s products for the visualisation, layout and spacing of components. All of Rittal’s data is high-quality to ensure efficient engineering in your work processes. The range of data provided from Rittal includes enclosures, climate control and power distribution technology, through to IT infrastructure and system accessories - a large range to suit all areas of your control cabinet and switchgear design. In addition, there are over 200 features of commercial data, logistics, 2D and 3D graphic macros, wiring plan macros, manufacturing information and much more from Rittal! They provide this product information to allow machine, control & switchgear system manufacturers with efficient value chain processes. Electrical Design Mistakes - Long CTA


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