Tony Ward Tony Ward Tony has been working successfully as a Regional Sales Manager in the UK for the past 16 years. This has involved dealing with companies of all sizes, understanding their situation and business issues in order to offer the right solution to them. Successes of note have been Nissan in the UK and James Fisher Nuclear. Tony has also worked on international accounts such as Coca Cola, being responsible for the sale and roll out of EPLAN across the UK.

Does it take a long time to switch to EPLAN?

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Do you feel like you are stuck on the ‘CAD roundabout’? Feeling dizzy at the thought of jumping off? One thing that often delays a business from taking their first steps into a new ECAD platform is the preconception that setting up a new system is overwhelmingly time-consuming or difficult. Installation and configuration seem like a daunting task, as well as finding the time to learn the workings of the new software. But EPLAN has many ways to help alleviate this.

Time is money. And in today’s competitive climate this is only becoming more true. But that doesn’t mean you should stick with your existing CAD software (which was probably originally designed for mechanical or draftsman purposes) and continue executing projects in a slow, error-prone and manual way.

As an electrical engineer, having the right tools for the job is essential, which is why choosing a dedicated and advanced software made for electrical design is so important. Just think about the amount of time you could be saving long-term thanks to EPLAN’s automatic tools and checks if you simply invest the time now. That’s why we’ve introduced various expert services and resources to make your journey from CAD to intelligent, smart designs as simple and quick as possible.

Platform set up


Local EPLAN Consultants are readily available to offer success guidance and support for you and your IT department so that you can make a ‘flying start’ with the EPLAN Platform. Consultant service packages include IT implementation (installation and configuration of software), license activation and testing, as well as the environment set up of standard data under the form of project templates, plot frames, forms and symbols, just to name a few. But before any services are conducted, we recommend a ‘quick check’ by where an EPLAN consultant will analyse the current design applications of the electrical engineering department, based on the current situation, and advise suggestions for improvements.


Free Guided Installation

If you opt to install the software yourself, as of Platform 2022 customers get access to a large collection of guides and ‘how to’ videos for platform installation and configuration, hardware and software requirements and how to get started with EPLAN. These guides explain the most important steps for the initial installation and update installation for both single user and network licenses. With all the resources available from EPLAN, your installation process is more likely to run smoothly and without mistakes, therefore getting your team onto the software faster.

See for yourself the wealth of information available to you!


LP header_Data Portal whitepaper

Building data libraries

To prevent unnecessary loss of time and optimise your return, allow the experts to build your parts library. EPLAN offers various specialised services whereby we standardise your existing projects and integrate them centrally in EPLAN. We can convert your schematics and projects, as well as create master data such as macros and article data. All so you can get started on projects quickly and reliably.


EPLAN Data Portal

If you opt to build your own parts libraries, use the EPLAN Data Portal (which is available free to all users) to gather accurate and up to date parts information straight from the manufacturers. The EPLAN Data Portal is now available exclusively in the secure EPLAN Cloud. The latest highlights, with benefits for users and manufacturers alike, are the improved data quality and depth of said data, plus a brand-new user interface with smart search functionality.

EPLAN Data Portal gives users access to 465 manufacturers and more than 1,500,000 available data sets.* Not only does this result in significant time savings right from the start of the design process, but these time savings run through to commissioning as the parts are always based on a uniform source.

*Correct as of October 2023


Getting started with EPLAN

EPLAN Engineering Standard

So, you’re all set up and ready to start designing, but where do you go from here? The new EPLAN Engineering Standard provides free project templates, samples and best practices ready for download so that you (as a new EPLAN user) can get started with projects quickly and easy. This includes a sample EPLAN project created according to current IEC standards that include predefined structure identifiers, reports and 3D layouts. To name a couple, both the Rittal 3D control cabinet collection and Phoenix Contact terminal collection are available to download.


Learn the optimal way of working with the software


Within EPLAN Cloud, users have access to self-directed learning online courses covering the basics of Platform 2024, EPLAN translations, block properties, terminals and plugs. These sessions include interactive exercises and knowledge checks chapter by chapter. The language can be selected based on your preference and the videos can be played back at any time enabling you can learn at your own speed. First register for your EPLAN Cloud account. 


EPLAN Training roadmap

Do you ever have documents returned for non-compliance? Are you/your team working with ambiguous methods? Do you copy and paste partial circuits from old projects? Unlock the full potential of your software with the step-by-step training roadmap. Starting with the basic training that is strongly recommended for all EPLAN users, this set of 9 training courses will allow you to establish and extend your product knowledge as well as enabling you to optimise usage of the software right from the start.



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