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EPLAN Platform 2024: Exciting New Features Await Users

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At the Hannover Fair in Germany, EPLAN gave a glimpse of the forthcoming software version. The last two versions of the EPLAN platform brought a modernised user interface and better performance for 2D and 3D planning. The announcement of EPLAN Platform 2024 promises even more upgrades to enhance user experience. Here are four new features to anticipate.

1. Calculation and Comparison of Block Properties

The block properties function enables users to link simple objects, such as motors or circuit breakers, within a circuit diagram. The upcoming Platform 2024 will include a calculation feature that allows for the calculation of different block properties and their comparison. This feature will aid in the determination of protection devices and cable sizes based on defined loads.

Screenshot from Eplan Platform 2024 Beta

2. Automated Connection of Spare Wires in Machine Wiring

In the current EPLAN platform, machine cabling includes the connection of sensors and actuators in control cabinets. The 2024 version will introduce the automatic connection of spare cores to spare terminals via the cable editor. EPLAN Harness proD will also support the determination of cable lengths for planned machines. The new calculation function for block properties will enable the calculation of voltage drop, among other things.

3. Optimised Terminal Editor for Easy Management and Testing

The optimised terminal editor will allow for the easy management of terminals, terminal strips, and accessories. Users can easily check terminal strips and view terminal connections directly in the circuit diagram.

4. Easy Navigation in the 3D Model of the Control Cabinet with EPLAN Pro Panel

The 2024 version of EPLAN Pro Panel will feature a new navigation cube that enables easy navigation through the 3D model of the planned control cabinet. Additionally, users can automatically remove gaps on the DIN rail during construction with the help of the software.

Screenshot Eplan Pro Panel 2024 Beta: Gaps on the DIN panel are filled automatically

EPLAN Platform 2024: Highlights at a Glance

Users can find further information about EPLAN Platform 2024, including explanatory videos, on the EPLAN website.

If you're curious about Platform 2024, you can register for the beta test of the software, provided that you have an EPLAN subscription or software service contract. In case of any queries, EPLAN Support is always available to help.

Take part in the beta test

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