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Andrew Mutch Andrew Mutch Having previously worked as an aircraft technician with HM Forces, Andy is one of our Professional Services Consultants and has been with EPLAN for 10 years. Part of Andy's role is to actively analyse customers processes, develop solution concepts and workflows for customer requirements. Andy is also our resident Harness expert!

How Can EPLAN’s Engineering Consultancy Service Improve Efficiency?

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In modern engineering firms, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of emerging technologies and processes. Project deadlines or required standards may mean that it is not feasible to recruit or train in-house staff to the necessary level in the time available. In such circumstances, it makes sense to reach out to electrical design consultants.

Should you see a gap in your staff knowledge or experience that needs to be filled quickly, EPLAN's engineering consultancy service is available for your business. We can provide you with expertise and oversight for new or difficult projects, as well as fresh insights to drive your project forwards.

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 Access to expertise

When faced with the prospect of new or knotty technical challenges, you may find that your staff resources are lacking capacity or knowledge. Under such circumstances, it can be tempting to reject work as unfeasible to avoid the problems caused by overreach. However, with electrical engineering consulting, the required specialised knowledge needed to overcome such difficulties is ready at hand. Our consultants can advise on the right EPLAN software solutions to meet your needs in a timely and efficient fashion. For high-end expertise, we offer free EPLAN Power User sessions.

 Process Optimisation

As well as extending your areas of expertise, consultants can also help to optimise and refine existing ongoing project work. Consultants provide a fresh set of eyes, analysing and assessing engineering processes. Armed with expert knowledge of the latest technologies and industry best practices, they can advise you and your team on efficient process improvements, reducing waste and saving costs.

New technology

We can expect electrical design consultants to maintain current knowledge of relevant new technologies and techniques. This kind of awareness can be difficult for in-house staff to maintain, overburdened as they often are by day-to-day duties. By drawing on the knowledge of a team of consultants, therefore, you can learn about innovations you may not otherwise hear about. You will be enabled to meet your market needs and secure guidance on the implementation of these new technologies, software solutions and tools. Consultants will ensure that any new solutions and working procedures are suitable and well-established, allowing you to save time and money on implementation.

Training and development

Next Consultants not only advise on suitable technologies for your engineering business, but can also help you with training and development so you obtain the most benefit from your investment. EPLAN's Training Academy offers your engineers and stakeholders expert training courses and comprehensive practical experience in using our software. Regular training sessions in EPLAN's solutions are offered throughout the year and trainees are eligible to qualify as EPLAN Certified Engineers (ECE).

Process integration

EPLAN's software solutions are developed with a range of seamless third-party integrations in mind, but it is also often valuable to draw on consultants to help implement bespoke integrated working processes across your areas of specialisation. Effective integration improves communication and collaborative efficiency, leading to better budget and schedule adherence and higher-quality outcomes.

Next Steps

To find out more about our electrical engineering consultancy services and how they can support your team, please get in touch today by clicking here.

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