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It is here: The future in engineering...

Author: John Boynton

... and with it the new EPLAN Platform 2022. The intuitive interface is based on operating concepts that have already been learned and makes it easy to get started. The 'pros' will surprise you with an unprecedented user experience.

The EPLAN Platform 2022 is here! It has a new interface design, improved workflows and many additional functions in connection with additional cloud services. Overall, the engineering software is characterised by ease of use and high performance. This can be seen, for example, in the integrated ribbon bars, the backstage view, which users often know from established software solutions, and in the significantly improved user ergonomics. The intuitive new user interface is based on internationally accepted operating concepts, which make it easy to get started.
user interface

The new EPLAN Platform 2022, which is now available, is characterized by ease of use and high performance.

Workflows in times of digitisation

Our developers have also started improving 'workflows' and trimmed the software for collaboration in the industrial supply chain. CAE solutions like the EPLAN platform are often a kind of 'backbone' in engineering and in product development of companies. They are usually deeply integrated into the customer's infrastructure and strategy and planned over years from the investment side.

For the development of the EPLAN Platform 2022, the clear goal was to optimise the data exchange between the individual stakeholders in the ecosystems of companies. Cloud applications such as EPLAN eBUILD, eMANAGE (now also available as a full version) and eVIEW provide further impetus for completely new forms of collaboration in the context of the EPLAN Platform. The added value of the new cloud-based software solutions enables companies to work even better with their customers, partners and suppliers.

Added value in detail - straight from practice

Markus Sommer, Electrical Designer at J. Wagner GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative coating technology for the refinement of surfaces, states “The uniform user guidance of the new EPLAN Platform 2022, which is based on established operating concepts, makes it easier for new employees to get started quickly. The multitude of functions that EPLAN offers are well structured and the integrated ribbon technology is simply fun to use."

Michael Noack, EPLAN Administrator at the switch cabinet manufacturer Koblenzer Steuerungs- & Vertriebsbau GmbH and responsible for master data maintenance, took a closer look at the EPLAN Platform 2022 as a beta tester. For him, the new parts management is a significant step forward, as it now allows all part properties of a device to be saved depending on the variant.

Noack says, "With routing, for example, auxiliary switch blocks from contactors whose connection designations change their physical position depending on the substructure can now be correctly mapped." The result: The connection diagram is exact and not only simplifies the electrical engineering, but also the subsequent routing in the control cabinet.

Subscriptions make it easy to get started

The EPLAN Platform 2022 is only offered as a subscription. This reduces the investment risk through low entry prices and more flexible planning options for individual software use.

It's in your hands!

Further information about the EPLAN Platform 2022 is available on the Eplan website. The associated added value is summarised in this video:

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