New product EPLAN eMANAGE Free: Platform projects in the cloud

Author: Graham Bloom

What is behind the new EPLAN eMANAGE product? What does the already available free version bring to your daily work? And what about data security? In this blog we answer all these questions as we present to you the cloud solution, EPLAN eMANAGE.

With EPLAN eMANAGE, projects from the EPLAN platform can be uploaded to the cloud, shared and managed. The free version of EPLAN eMANAGE Free, launched in March 2021, already offers a lot of features to support users with their existing workflows. An extended paid full version is to follow later this year.

The features of EPLAN eMANAGE Free at a glance:

  • Provision and management of EPLAN projects in the cloud
  • Share projects with internal and external stakeholders
  • Role management for the secure definition of access rights
  • Search filter to quickly find projects stored in the cloud
  • Publication of a project image in EPLAN eVIEW Free for cross-team review processes
  • Free storage capacity of 10 GB for project data

This how-to video explains the first steps with the new software in just a few minutes:

How does uploading EPLAN projects to the cloud help my work in practice?

A well-known strength of the on-premises solutions within the EPLAN platform is the data consistency between the various solutions. Users can implement their projects from the first preliminary planning, to the creation of a 2D circuit diagram and to a 3D model of a complete control cabinet in a platform environment. It can be difficult, however, if the created projects are then to be passed on to colleagues, other departments or even customers and business partners. Often this is still done manually, for example by email. By email you quickly lose track of the current status of the project and get annoyed with file sizes, formats or compatibility problems. In addition, it is difficult to track who originally created the projects.

If the projects are instead uploaded to the EPLAN ePULSE cloud environment with eMANAGE, there is a clear single source of truth for all project participants with clearly definable access rights. Authorised stakeholders can also download the project data with eMANAGE, for example as part of a final project handover with customers.

Project coordination with internal and external stakeholders in EPLAN eVIEW Free is also supported by eMANAGE: One click is enough to publish an image of the projects from eMANAGE to eVIEW and, if necessary, go directly to project coordination via redlining and greenlining.

Eplan eManage screenshot

One click is enough to publish a project view in EPLAN eVIEW Free.

Project upload as ZW1 file via browser or directly from the EPLAN platform

It is advisable to use a version of the EPLAN platform that is as current as possible in order to fully exploit the added value of eMANAGE: From version 2.9, service pack 1, projects can be uploaded conveniently via direct integration, for example from EPLAN Electric P8 or EPLAN Pro Panel. In principle, the project upload with eMANAGE also works with older versions of the EPLAN platform: From version 1.8, EPLAN projects can be uploaded manually to the cloud as ZW1 files.

screen shot of eplan emanage

Thanks to the direct integration of eMANAGE into the EPLAN platform, projects, for example from EPLAN Electric P8, can be easily and securely loaded into the cloud.

What about data security in the EPLAN cloud environment?

Engineering projects can contain sensitive business data - therefore EPLAN pays attention to data security in its cloud solutions and offers users control over the access rights of each individual project. Users are therefore in control of which data they want to make available in the cloud and with whom they share it - recently, data can also be released with a time. For more information on the security of cloud, check out the blog: Ensuring robust data security in the cloud – The EPLAN way.

screenshot of eplan emanage to show user access

Projects can be shared with users and access rights can be clearly defined.

This also applies in conjunction with eVIEW, for example when projects are to be coordinated with external partners or customers. The complete ZW1 file is not published here, but an image of the project. This can then be viewed and commented on by selected stakeholders via redlining and greenlining but cannot be changed or downloaded. Access to the original project is therefore reserved for eMANAGE users.

Tip: EPLAN eMANAGE Free not visible in ePULSE? Roles are assigned by the admin!                                                                                                                                 

Not every EPLAN ePULSE user automatically sees the eMANAGE application when logging into the cloud environment. Why? The administration of the access rights for eMANAGE as well as for the projects stored in the cloud is the responsibility of the admin of the respective organisation created in ePULSE. In the “User Management” area, you can assign user roles to members for various applications and adapt them at any time. When you begin to work with eMANAGE, it is recommended that the admin proactively assign the members of the organisation the role of “designer” so that they can familiarise themselves with the new solution. Users who do not have access can simply ask their organisation’s admin for activation.

Conclusion: The entry into the EPLAN novelty is worthwhile!

The free version of EPLAN eMANAGE already offers many interesting features for everyday work. The additional added value that the announced full version will bring with it will become apparent in the course of the year. So it remains exciting!

If you are interested in switching to the upcoming EPLAN Platform 2022, it is worth taking a closer look at cloud applications such as eMANAGE now. Not only will the new platform announced for summer 2021 promise a new user experience but also a stronger cloud connection for more data consistency and comprehensive collaboration.

Want to find out more?

Discover how the new Platform 2022 will benefit you with its new features: https://www.eplan.co.uk/solutions/eplan-platform/eplan-platform-2022/

Alternatively, why not try eMANAGE for yourself with a free sign up to the cloud environment EPLAN ePULSE: https://www.epulse.com/en

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