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John Boynton John Boynton John has worked for EPLAN for 24 years and is our Technical Business Manager. A member of The Institute of Engineering & Technology, and The Engineering Council for over 20 years, John has a wealth of experience and skills ranging from analysing customers' processes in order to identify areas in which could be made more efficient, to project management, consultancy, method counselling and project commissioning.

The EPLAN Partner Network: Developing workflows, integrations and processes together

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Since its launch in January 2021, around 50 partners are now a part of The Eplan Partner Network. Simon Budde from the Strategy & Corporate Program department explains how this offers a number of advantages to EPLAN users, particularly around software integration.

Hello Simon! EPLAN has further expanded its partnerships with the EPLAN Partner Network. Can you briefly describe what it is about?

In addition to the EPLAN software, customers traditionally use a whole range of other software applications from other providers, for example, ERP, PDM/PLM or in PLC programming systems. Especially in times of digitalisation, the consistency of data and workflows across multiple systems is particularly important and can only be achieved through high-quality interfaces and integrations. The aim of our network is to strengthen the development and marketing of these required integrations along with our partners.

How is this different to the EPLAN Marketplace?

The EPLAN Marketplace, which has existed since the beginning of 2022, is predominantly focused on services. For example, we found that our customers often need support in data creation, and therefore the EPLAN Marketplace enables them to easily and precisely search for suitable service providers in their region. You will find that there is a slight overlap between the two networks as some companies within the EPLAN Partner Network also offer services and therefore become part of the EPLAN Marketplace to address new customers and present their services. 

What type of partners does EPLAN want to join the network?

We are continuously seeking new partners to join one of the four categories within the EPLAN Partner Network. Firstly, there are technology partners, i.e providers of software applications that are suitable for integration with the EPLAN software. These can also be systems from local providers that are relevant to individual countries. Secondly, we have Solution Partners who offer solutions that complement our standard EPLAN portfolio. Two examples includes the additional integration between the EPLAN platform and the Siemens TIA Portal from Grollmus and configurators that are based on EPLAN technology for special sectors or applications. Thirdly, we also address research partners, i.e Colleges and Universities that use our EPLAN software as part of research projects or demonstrators.

There are also strategic partners. These are currently Rittal, Rockwell Automation and Phoenix Contact, and since October 2022, the Smart Infrastructure division at Siemens. This will help us a lot in the market of energy distribution/switchgear construction. In the case of strategic partnerships, the topic of "co-innovation" is at the forefront of every conversation, and together we develop completely new processes and integrations such as cloud-to-cloud connectors or solutions for focus industries such as energy or building technology. The relationships between these companies have grown over many years and at a strategic level - we will gradually expand further partnerships into strategic partnerships in order to address further new target groups.

Can you name one or two companies that are part of the EPLAN Partner Network?

Yes, my solution partner Alexander Bürkle spontaneously comes to mind. Bürkle has developed a configurator based on our EPLAN technology that can be used to create circuit diagrams in the field of building technology automatically. An example of a technology partner is ABB, which, among other things, has integrated its product selector into the EPLAN Data Portal in order to make our customers' processes even more consistent. Such partnerships are worth their weight in gold, especially internationally. 

How do users benefit from the EPLAN Partner Network?

Above all, the aim of the EPLAN Partner Network is to maximise customer benefits along the whole value chain. To do this, we need consistent data and integrated processes that can be developed together with our partners. Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is particularly important to us in the context of the new subscription model. Furthermore, by working closely with partners, we can offer our customers long-term investment security - both in terms of our software and the developed connectors.

And what do EPLAN's partners get out of it?

We create a professional framework and define goals for the joint development and marketing of interfaces. We record these goals and the joint activities in an annual business plan with each partner. We also coordinate closely with the relevant departments such as Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, Product Management, Development, Support and Order Processing. It is precisely this commitment that increases the benefit for joint customers and at the same time increases quality. Through the great two-way communication within the network, we can also bundle the knowledge in order to optimally support our customers in overcoming their business challenges. There is still a lot to do and it will definitely remain exciting!

Thank you for the interview!

Background: Technical partner management at EPLAN

Within the partner network, EPLAN and various partners are jointly developing solutions for a consistent flow of data and optimised processes. Johannes Geyrhalter has been responsible for the technical partner category since 2021. He makes sure that technically everything works well: 

eplan partner network

“We have many partners who connect their solutions to our products at different points in the value chain. At the same time, EPLAN offers many options for data exchange for different uses. We are therefore working flat out to promote standardisation measures such as the Automation ML standard for PLC systems to develop a uniform interface for the various aspects of the EPLAN Cloud. By participating in research projects such as SDM4FZI, we are getting a good deal closer to this goal.”


The EPLAN Partner Network offers many advantages: Customers benefit from high-quality interfaces and integrations between different software providers along teir entire value chain. Partners benefit from developing solutions and innovations together with EPLAN and exchanging know-how.

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