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New software version: The EPLAN Platform 2023 is here!

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The EPLAN platform combines various software solutions from electrical and fluid engineering project planning to the design of switchgear. The highlights of the new version Platform 2023 include cloud-based parts management, multi-standard support and the new 3D graphics engine.

The new EPLAN Platform 2023 combines numerous features that make the electrical design software even easier to use and benefit the user in terms of time savings and increased performance. In this blog, we present our top five highlights of the new EPLAN software version, Platform 2023, in more detail.

Topics include:
1. International macro management: assign up to 20 circuit diagram macros in accordance with standards
2. Cloud-based parts management with the new EPLAN eStock software
3. New graphics engine increases software performance for 3D electrical design
4. New cable editor for easy wiring of control cabinets
5. Advanced Insert Center: Easily display symbols, macros and articles

Thomas Weichsel-1

Thomas Weichsel, Vice President Software Portfolio, emphasises: “In addition to the many opportunities for collaboration in engineering, the new multi-standard support for schematic diagram macros really stands out. The new EPLAN Platform 2023 saves users from having to deal with time-consuming device data management  – especially on international projects.”


1. International macro management: assign up to 20 circuit diagram macros in accordance with standards

Company-specific standards such as guidelines, different dimension specifications and varying standards on the world market – for instance NFPA or IEC – require different ways of representing devices in schematics. Previously, the software only allowed for one macro to be saved per device. However, with the new device data management system within Platform 2023, it is now possible to assign up to 20 different schematic macros to each device.

This is advantageous for users as the software automatically assigns the appropriate macro to a device as soon as the corresponding standard has been selected. From there, the macro can easily be transferred to the schematic via drag & drop. This simplifies the handling of parts and gives a better overview of the project and reduces the administrative effort.NFPA Macros Eplan Platform 2023Company-specific standards such as guidelines, various dimensions and different norms in the world market - example NFPA - can be easily mapped with the new macro management.

This also offers advantages for those component manufacturers who provide their device data for the EPLAN Data Portal, for instance, according to the EPLAN Data Standard.
Thomas Weichsel explains: “In the future, a driver – for instance – can be stored and maintained as one data set with different schematic macros on the Eplan Data Portal – considerably reducing the amount of effort required of manufacturers for providing and maintaining their data.”

2. Cloud-based parts management with the new EPLAN eStock software

Using EPLAN eStock, the new device data management in the EPLAN Platform 2023, device data can be maintained in the EPLAN cloud. This simplifies collaboration between project partners and reduces coordination times as well as media distruption. Regardless of the company location, software users can use EPLAN eStock to easily and securely access parts data in the cloud whether they’re working from home, are at another company location around the globe, or are data sharing with business partners. This saves companies time and money, since it is not necessary to set up and maintain their own IT infrastructure.Eplan eStock2With EPLAN eStock, the new parts management for the EPLAN Platform 2023, parts data can now be maintained in the EPLAN Cloud.

3. New graphics engine increases software performance for 3D electrical design

Machines and plant systems are becoming increasingly automated and the digital twin is becoming an integral part of control cabinet and switchgear engineering processes. This is accompanied by increasing complexity and higher demands for the 3D structuring of control cabinet layouts and the increased amount of data that needs to be managed. The new graphics core speeds up the project, especially with large 3D models. This is based on the Direct3D engine. The 3D rendering is now considerably faster, and actions such as zooming or rotating are now much smoother and easier.3D engineA new 3D graphics engine now makes actions such as zooming and rotating faster and more comfortable.

4. New cable editor: easy wiring of control cabinets, basis for machine wiring

The EPLAN Platform 2023 also simplifies the field cabling of control cabinets that are distributed throughout a plant system in a decentralised way .For instance, the new cable editor makes it easier to manage and visualise a cable on the Eplan Platform – regardless of the number of wires.

Device and type number, source and destination, as well as, shielding and connection are displayed graphically in a single dialog box. The new cable editor also lays the foundation for virtual machine cabling and simple determination of cable lengths in EPLAN Harness proD. Cable information is now visable at a glance from source to destination.

5. Advanced Insert Center: Easily display symbols, macros and parts

The expanded insert center in EPLAN Platform 2023 provides a better overview of the project by displaying symbols, macros and parts as a table in a dialogue box. In addition, software users can intuitively search for task-related articles in external and linked documents. When clicking in the table, the logic information is also directly visible. This makes it clear, for example, which component has which amperage.

And the new tagging function also make navigation easier: logical selection paths and better project structures accelerate both searching and project planning in general. In addition, new interface to Microsoft Excel simplifies work for users: they no longer need to install the software themselves to output data in that format, making the outputting of lists and tables more efficient overall.

Insertion center in the Eplan Platform 2023 software

Insertion center: The expanded insertion center in the EPLAN Platform 2023 provides a better overview of the project.

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