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EPLAN Platform 2024: Streamlining Electrical Engineering Design

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Improve your electrical design process with the newest version of EPLAN, Platform 2024. Now available to download, Platform 2024 comes with a new calculation feature for block properties, new features for machine cabling and an optimised terminal editor. Why wait? 

In the past two iterations of the EPLAN platform, significant enhancements were made to the user interface and performance for 2D and 3D planning. However, the latest version, EPLAN Platform 2024, takes the user's experience to a whole new level with its host of exciting new features. Let's delve into the four key highlights. 

1. Calculate block properties and compare them with each other 

As a well-established feature in the EPLAN software, the block properties function makes it possible to link simple objects such as motors or circuit breakers within a circuit diagram. As of Platform 2024, the function has been enhanced and now includes a cutting-edge calculation function, offering basic arithmetic, mathematical operations, and even statistical comparisons. This allows you to effortlessly make calculations directly from within the EPLAN Platform. For example, making informed decisions on the selection of protective devices and cable sizes by calculating the specified loads.Eplan_block_properties_calculate

Calculations can now be made from inside the EPLAN Platform.

2. Machine cabling: Automatically connect spare wires

Within the EPLAN platform, users plan and organise the cables required for connecting signals from sensors and actuators back to the control cabinet. As of Platform 2024, there is the possibility to automatically connect spare conductors to spare terminals, ensuring that all the field cables are wired accurately. The new calculation function for block properties, as mentioned before, is a huge benefit for EPLAN users as they can now calculate the voltage drop based on the length of the cable. The solution, EPLAN Harness proD will support you in determining the cable lengths for the machines.


Automatically connect spare conductors to spare terminals

3. Optimised terminal editor for easy management

The enhanced terminal editor offers seamless management of terminals, terminal strips, and accessories, providing users with even greater ease and efficiency. Users can effortlessly check terminal strips and directly view terminal connections within the circuit diagram.

4. Electrical control cabinet planning in 3D 

EPLAN Pro Panel also offers two new innovations in Platform 2024. The first is a new navigation cube that enables easy navigation through the 3D model of the control cabinet. Secondly, if gaps arise on the DIN rail during construction, you can now have them automatically removed by the software in future projects.

Screenshot Eplan Pro Panel 2024 Beta: Gaps on the DIN plate are filled automatically

Gaps on the DIN rail can easily be removed in EPLAN Pro Panel

EPLAN Platform 2024: Highlights and explanatory video

Further information about the new EPLAN Platform 2024 can be found on the EPLAN website:

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