Graham Bloom Graham Bloom Graham has worked at EPLAN for over 8 years and is a Professional Services Senior Consultant. His background and experience in electrical, mechanical and production engineering mean that he provides excellent service in training and consultancy. Graham works closely with customers to define their optimal solutions based on EPLAN's product portfolio. He also works closely with the pre-sales team to analyse customers' specific requirements and understand their business drives & needs to translate them into a technical solution.

Training on the EPLAN Platform 2022: tips, setup and configuration.

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With so many new features available in the new EPLAN Platform 2022, it is understandable that you may have questions. How do I use the ribbon technology effectively? What does the variant management of the new central parts management do for me? How do I migrate old article databases to the new EPLAN database format? The EPLAN Training Academy provides the answers.

To enable EPLAN users to get started with the new software straight away, the EPLAN Training Academy has developed a special update training course for users and an additional course for administrators. UK sessions will be held online in the successful training environment that has been used for other training courses over the past year. In this blog, we explain the different training courses available, plus we present topic highlights from the new training program.

User update training: Understand the new environment

In the two-day user update training, users of the solutions such as EPLAN Electric P8, Pro Panel, Fluid or Preplanning are provided with practical tips about the EPLAN Platform 2022.

Training topics at a glance:

  • Getting to know the ergonomic user interface and the new operating concept
  • How to use features of the new parts management, including variant management
  • Insights into the EPLAN eManage cloud application

Tips from experienced EPLAN trainers for day-to-day engineering work

Further information is available in the flyer for update training.
Open Training Flyer

If you are based in the UK, scheduled dates are available for this two-day user training.

User Training Dates

Administrator training: Setup and configuration of the EPLAN platform 2022

This one-day training course is aimed at EPLAN key users, administrators and those responsible for integrating the EPLAN platform into the system landscapes of companies.  Individuals will discover everything needed for a smooth, professional setup and configuration of the new software or the problem-free transition to the EPLAN Platform 2022.

The top learning objectives at a glance:

  • Deepen know-how about EPLAN licensing
  • Getting to know the advantages of the new EPLAN subscription model
  • Background knowledge about the EPLAN Identity Client
  • Define access rights for EPLAN users via the newly integrated user rights management
  • How to use the internal parts database, plus tips for upgrading from previous versions

Switching from a project template to a basic project with best practice instructions

Further information is available in the flyer on training setup and configuration.

Open Training Flyer

Dates for this one-day training course are not scheduled monthly, but can be requested on an as-need basis. Please contact your account manager if you would like to benefit from this.

Key information about the courses

2 for 1 offer - The EPLAN Training Academy is currently sweetening the short-term entry into the latest platform with a special offer. Until the end of 2021, two participants can attend these training courses for the price of one.

Training environment -We will provide the complete training environment for you free of charge, therefore EPLAN installation or a licence is not necessary.

Quality guarantee - If you are not satisfied with the course you’ve taken, you can take the course again free of charge.

Still unclear about the exciting new EPLAN Platform 2022 update? Find out more highlights and benefits on our website.

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