EPLAN eVIEW – free EPLAN software for the coordination of circuit diagrams

Author: John Boynton

Do you have a collaboration tool to ensure you are prepared for the ‘new normal’? EPLAN eVIEW Free is a free engineering tool that allows you to coordinate EPLAN schematics via the cloud - with colleagues, but also with customers and service providers, therefore ensuring streamlined processes.

Here is an overview of the cloud solution and why it’s worth using:

What can the software do? Here’s a quick overview of the core features of EPLAN eVIEW Free:

  • Digital review of circuit diagrams via Redlining and Greenlining
  • Location-independent Single Source of Truth for defined users
  • Circuit diagrams always up-to-date even after project completion
  • Data security guaranteed, full transparency through the Eplan Trust Center

How do I work with eVIEW? Redlining and Greenlining as key functions.

Once registered in the cloud, daily work with eVIEW is simple and intuitive. The following video will guide you through the basic functions in just a few minutes.



How does cross-company collaboration work?

This video gives you a clear example of how team and cross-company coordination processes can run with eVIEW:


How do I get access? Registration in the Cloud.

Before you can start using eVIEW, you must first register for your free EPLAN ePULSE account. This is the cloud environment of EPLAN, which is based on Microsoft Azure.

In fact, one registration is all it takes to access all of EPLAN’s current cloud-based services. As the cloud based portfolio is constantly being optimised and expanded, it’s worthwhile logging in regularly to check for updates and additions.  Another solution in the ePULSE product family is, for example, EPLAN eBUILD. It’s worth noting that EPLAN eVIEW Free is neither a demo nor a time-limited offer. Once registered in the cloud, you can use the software as you wish.

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What are the technical requirements?

The central technical requirement is the use of a current version of the EPLAN platform (version 2.9) which has been available for download since the start of 2020. However, EPLAN eVIEW can be used from version 2.8 onwards.

Even if you are not yet an EPLAN customer or have an outdated platform version, it is worth registering for your free ePULSE account in order to familiarise yourself the latest EPLAN developments with test projects.

What about data protection?

The EPLAN Trust Center, which meets the highest industry standards, guarantees full transparency in the area of data security. Systems and infrastructures are permanently monitored by a professional team that proactively detects potential threats. In the event of a disruption, users are kept up to date in real time via the Health Dashboard. In addition, ePULSE relies on the targeted exchange of knowledge with industry partners and users in order to continuously optimise its systems and services.

Conclusion: Registration is definitely worthwhile!

As a free service, EPLAN eVIEW Free knows how to convince its users with practical features, user-friendliness and a high level of security. EPLAN users who are using a current version of the platform should not miss out on the free cloud service. Even "non-experts" can use the EPLAN ePULSE cloud environment as an interesting opportunity to try out demo projects free of charge and without complications.

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