Eplan Services: Digital Instead of Onsite

Author: John Boynton
Training, consulting, support and more – when providing services, personal onsite consulting can often be a decisive factor. Yet there are also many possibilities for Eplan customers to get advice digitally. We asked Bernd Schewior, Vice President Professional Services Global at Eplan, three questions about this very topic.

Bernd, why is Eplan increasingly focusing on digital service offerings?

Bernd Schewior: Our credo is that we are there for our customers and support them with our expertise, particularly as concerns moving beyond just the software solutions. Personal contact is naturally a decisive factor in making this happen. Beyond this, however, our customers should be able to use our services as best fits their own needs. That is why we, as a modern software company, offer a variety of digital services.

BerndSchewiorBernd Schewior, Vice President Professional Services Global

What digital services are available for Eplan user right now?

The Eplan Training Academy is continually expanding its online offerings, for instance with webinars on a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, we also offer video conferences or online meetings during which Eplan Trainers can answer our customers’ questions in real time. This also became an integral part of our Eplan Certified Engineer training programme at the start of 2020.

In the area of support, Eplan has been offering Software Service customers comprehensive online support for quite some time. Users can find detailed information and assistance to specific questions about our solutions in the Eplan Solutions Center. We further rely on a proven mix of an online ticketing system and traditional telephone support.

Eplan focuses on close customer contact and in-person guidance when it comes to the company’s consulting services. Does this also have a digital equivalent?

Our consulting services can definitively be supplemented with sensible digital offerings. Any personal communication with our Eplan Consultants can also take place as an online meeting as necessary. Just as we would do in person, this also provides the opportunity to make presentations or to explain details of our software solutions. Participants can also share their desktops with one another to help answer questions. Of course, none of this can really replace personal consultations or workshops over the long term. One thing it does do, however, is help make last-minute meetings possible, independent from where the participants happen to be around the world.

How do online meetings work with Eplan Consulting?

What technical requirements must be fulfilled for online meetings with Eplan Consulting? And what exactly takes place during the meeting?

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