Be part of the #eViewARchallenge on LinkedIn with EPLAN eVIEW Free AR!

Author: Simon Knibbs

How did the control panel end up at the zoo? With EPLAN eVIEW Free AR, you can set up a digital twin of a control panel wherever you like, using Augmented Reality. Take part in our #eViewARchallenge and share your most creative AR-setups via LinkedIn!

Have you heard of the new AR add-on for EPLAN eVIEW Free? If you would like to present your 3D designs to colleagues and customers in an impressive way through augmented reality, it's definitely worth a try!

But don't think this only works in just corporate settings, you can place your digital twin anywhere you'd like - from the zoo to your garden.

To show you what is possible, we encourage you to get creative with your submission to the #eViewARchallenge. Why not share a photograph from an upcoming day trip, or show us which country you're from and share them on LinkedIn in order to become part of the challenge. To get started, try out the EPLAN eVIEW Free AR demo.

How to get started with the EPLAN eVIEW Free AR Demo

QR code to EPLAN eVIEW AR Demo

(Link for mobile devices)

Tip: If you wish to learn more about EPLAN eVIEW Free AR and share your own Projects from EPLAN Pro Panel with your project partners, click here.

Let’s have some fun with EPLAN eVIEW Free AR on LinkedIn!

Get involved with the #eViewARchallenge by sharing your creative screenshots on LinkedIn for a chance to appear on our global EPLAN LinkedIn channel.

  • 1. Follow the instructions above for access to the Eplan eVIEW AR demo project
  • 2. Take a screenshot of the digital twin placement in your environment
  • 3. Please make sure you are following Eplan on LinkedIn and tag @Eplan so that we can see and possibly share your impressive, interesting and creative screenshots with the world.

We can't wait to see your creations!

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