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Nigel Grant Nigel Grant Nigel has been working at EPLAN UK for almost 3 years as an Applications Engineer. His main tasks include installing the EPLAN software, giving live demos to prospects and customers and training customers on best practices for using the software. He has previously worked as an Electrical Engineer and a Project Engineer, both of which have driven his passion for helping companies become more efficient and driving their engineering to the next level. Nigel's experience in panel wiring, electrical engineering and project work has given him a well-rounded view of the industry. This enables him to offer customers the best solutions for their processes.

EPLAN eSTOCK | Access cloud-based parts data

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Parts data is the heart of every engineering project. Typically, the EPLAN parts database is located on a company network drive and shared with all EPLAN Users. However, in our new hybrid working world, where many engineers are working from home or away from the office calls for a new solution to optimise the sharing of the EPLAN parts data – EPLAN eSTOCK!

EPLAN eSTOCK is a cloud-based software for managing and maintaining EPLAN parts data such as technical information, images, documents and macros. Parts data can be uploaded to eSTOCK from the EPLAN Platform 2023 and then be viewed, edited and shared with other users via an Internet browser. This means that our customers can now easily and securely share and access parts in via the cloud.

Regardless of the Users location, working from home, onsite, away from the company network or wanting to share parts information with project stakeholders, EPLAN eSTOCK optimises this workflow through secure cloud collaboration.

The implemented User management tool allows customers to define and assign permission roles for all those who have access to the cloud parts database. This ensures that the data is safe and secure limiting Edit access to those who are tasked with managing/creating parts, therefore maintaining the quality of the parts data.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Device data is consistent throughout the company
  • Data maintenance is no longer time-consuming
  • Location-independent, fast access to the parts database
  • Central availability for better internal and external collaboration

eplan estock cloud parts dataOnce uploaded to the EPLAN Cloud, the part data can be viewed centrally by everyone involved in the project.

"We expect more productivity with EPLAN eSTOCK!"

Markus Beirer, Head of Electrical Design at Autewe GmbH, has taken part in the beta test and is impressed by the initial results: “Previously when working from home, our employees worked with local copies of the parts database because access to the central parts database via VPN was too slow. Therefore, locally created parts were not compared with the main databases on our server on a regular basis.” In the future, all employees will work with EPLAN eSTOCK and therefore work on a centralised database. “We expect this to increase productivity since we will no longer need to create part data multiple times. Working in a team is also made much easier,” Beirer concludes.

Teamwork is also very important for Belgian customer P&V Panels. “In our company, engineering is carried out at various locations and each location has its own area of ​​expertise. Thanks to EPLAN eSTOCK it is now possible to provide each location with exactly the components it needs. Sharing the data is efficient and can be easily adjusted if necessary,” explains Berny Pellaers, Engineering Coordinator at P&V Panels.

Ronny Kaltschmidt, Managing Director of Kaltschmid Industrial Engineering GmbH, also shares his positive feedback: "In my opinion, EPLAN eSTOCK is absolutely the right approach to centrally manage the complex maintenance of the parts data used across the company. I expect cloud-based parts management to offer our customers and my company significant time-saving potential."

parts data eplan cloud estockIn addition to an image, a part released in eSTOCK contains all the necessary data such as part and order number, item description, ERP number and manufacturer information.

Standards are taken into account

“With EPLAN eSTOCK, companies can make better use of human resource as they save time maintaining their own IT infrastructure. After all, self-installed SQL server solutions or a virtual desktop infrastructure are complex and expensive," explains Thomas Bings, Business Owner Master Data at EPLAN. In addition, the data is more consistent and of higher quality. "Multiple data entry is a thing of the past. This is also reflected in the quality of the projects - taking into account the required standards."

interview with eplan expertEPLAN users with a subscription license can use EPLAN eSTOCK (from the EPLAN Platform 2023) at no additional cost.

We welcome your feedback!

Did you also use the Beta test version of EPLAN eSTOCK? We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions at: bings.t@eplan.de

For more information about eSTOCK and additional features of Platform 2023, see our website. 

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