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Nigel Grant Nigel Grant Nigel has been working at EPLAN UK for almost 3 years as an Applications Engineer. His main tasks include installing the EPLAN software, giving live demos to prospects and customers and training customers on best practices for using the software. He has previously worked as an Electrical Engineer and a Project Engineer, both of which have driven his passion for helping companies become more efficient and driving their engineering to the next level. Nigel's experience in panel wiring, electrical engineering and project work has given him a well-rounded view of the industry. This enables him to offer customers the best solutions for their processes.

Electrical Software Training: Is it worth it?

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As the leading software solution for electrical engineering, EPLAN has gained immense popularity amongst electrical professionals. This is largely down to the useful and intuitive features that go beyond that of basic CAD solutions. To truly get the most out of the EPLAN solutions, users must know how to efficiently use these features or fall into the trap of using the solution as a standard drawing package.

In this blog post, we interview an EPLAN user who has just completed a training course with the EPLAN Training Academy. Calum, an Electrical & Controls Engineer at Fives Stein, shares his recent experience and gives an insight into some of the valuable software capabilities learned during the course.

Hi Calum, Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your experience with the EPLAN Training Academy. So, you have recently taken part in the basic Electric P8 (Part one and Part two) training courses. Let’s begin with how you found the course.

The training course, for me as someone who had never used EPLAN previously, was a great way to get into the meat of learning to use the EPLAN software as a tool in my Controls and Design field. During the course, we learned the basics of how EPLAN Electric P8 works and the immense power it has to make project building very seamless. 
At the hands of our trainer Simon, we were guided through the many useful and intuitive features that EPLAN Electric P8 possesses as well as how best to utilise these in our own roles through worked examples. Some of my notable favourites are being able to copy and paste to the same coordinates using the X & Y keys to lock in the axis values as I love everything being in the same place. Or the ability to 'block edit' where you can edit many of the same items at a time as long as they have a common editable feature which grants a massive increase in efficient working!

"I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to get the most from the software as it is the very best on the market."

You’ve just briefly mentioned our trainer, Simon Knibbs. What did you think about his approach to teaching and his knowledge of EPLAN Electric P8?

As we progressed through the course Simon would be on hand to give us new tasks and tricks to get the best of software and its many features. As the days went on the tasks would get bigger and more challenging to help aid your learning of the topics. His knowledge base was vast on the subject, and we got the opportunity to soak up as much of his knowledge as possible through an interactive and interesting course. His experience was clear too as was able to rectify the mistakes made by the group on top of answering questions we had during the sessions. He even recommended a restaurant on top of all that!

And finally, how do you think that the basic Electric P8 course will help you in your current role at Fives Stein?

I am pretty new to my role at Fives Stein as an Electrical & Controls Engineer, but this course has helped me learn the fundamentals of design which has given me enough knowledge & freedom to learn & design alongside the rest of our controls team who are responsible for the design & construction of electrical control panels that are being sent worldwide. I am excited to see what more I can learn using EPLAN Electric P8 as I feel I have only scratched the surface! This is a great software for anyone in the industry to benefit from. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to get the most from the software as it is the very best on the market.
Thank you for your time, Calum! We hope to see you take part in our advanced courses in the future.


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