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EPLAN eSTOCK meets EPLAN Data Portal: Find the right item data faster

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There are numerous advantages to hosting parts data in the cloud. Firstly, it allows teams, regardless of their location, to easily access consistent and standardised data. Additionally, hosting data in the cloud eliminates any potential media disruptions that could hinder productivity and it significantly enhances efficiency as there is no need for multiple entries.

EPLAN eSTOCK revolutionises parts management for companies by providing centralised access through the EPLAN Cloud. Since its launch in 2023, EPLAN eSTOCK has become an indispensable tool for efficiently managing parts data. It greatly facilitates collaboration within project teams and across international borders. With this innovative solution, every project stakeholder can easily identify which parts can be used, including those that align with company standards. By ensuring that everyone accesses the same data, EPLAN eSTOCK eliminates any potential media disruptions. The result is a significant improvement in project quality, always meeting the required standards.

Search for parts with just a few clicks

In the latest version of the EPLAN platform, the integration of the EPLAN Data Portal has brought a new level of convenience to users. Now, when searching for a specific part, users have access to a vast array of over 1.5 million parts in the portal. This means that even if a user is looking for a particular part that they have never used before, they can easily find and import it into EPLAN eSTOCK with just a few clicks. The search input only requires five characters, and in no time at all, the desired item is at your fingertips. It's a seamless process that ensures a complete and efficient experience.

eStock article selection

If a component is searched for in EPLAN eSTOCK, the system also displays possible hits in the EPLAN Data Portal.

Search results are shown in the user's parts database and EPLAN Data Portal simultaneously 

As the user enters the first few characters, they are presented with a comprehensive view of all the parts in their own database, while simultaneously being shown relevant parts from the EPLAN Data Portal. This unique "both worlds" perspective allows them to effortlessly open the desired parts data and import it into EPLAN eSTOCK. The software intelligently creates a draft version, ensuring that any previously released device data is not overwritten by the system. This feature is incredibly beneficial as it allows the user to enhance and modify the data in the draft version before giving final approval and incorporating the parts into their projects. Additionally, it's worth noting that all data, both from the user's own parts management and the portal, can be edited together and safeguarded through rights management.

eStock Data Portal article selection

If the EPLAN Data Portal article is opened and can be imported into eSTOCK with 1-2 clicks.

Data is constantly updated

The EPLAN Data Portal is a dynamic universe where data is always evolving, growing, and becoming more enriched. With over 400 component manufacturers actively participating, the portal continues to expand its collection of device data. What's even more exciting is that an increasing number of manufacturers are now providing data in the EPLAN Data Standard, enhancing the portal's overall value and usability. It's a constantly evolving ecosystem that keeps up with the ever-changing needs of users.

Appropriate performance

Efficiency is once again the key focus in the development of eSTOCK. The system only downloads changes based on the last access to the local computer. This speeds up access to the data significantly. Another performance gain also plays into the hands of users: In EPLAN Platform 2024, you can quickly and easily switch between the source of a local database and an eSTOCK collection based on the EPLAN Cloud. This also saves time for users and is much more convenient at the same time.

Better collaboration

EPLAN eSTOCK improves collaboration and parts management by providing a centralised cloud-based solution. With complete data sovereignty, companies and users have full control over the quality and accessibility of their data. By assigning rights and implementing standards effortlessly, collaboration becomes seamless across the board. The best part is that access to this central parts management in the cloud is available to EPLAN users with a subscription license from the EPLAN platform 2023, at no additional cost. 

Innovations at a glance

The connection of the EPLAN Data Portal to EPLAN eSTOCK
  • Available since September 2023.
  • When searching in EPLAN eSTOCK, results from the EPLAN Data Portal are also displayed
  • Part data can be viewed in EPLAN eSTOCK
  • When data is imported, a new draft version is created
  • Released parts data is not overwritten

News from the EPLAN Platform 2024 with EPLAN eSTOCK

  • By selecting standard directories when connecting to EPLAN eSTOCK, data can be stored in a well-structured manner
  • It is faster to switch between the database source i.e local database and EPLAN eSTOCK 

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