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It's in your hands: The EPLAN Platform 2022

Author: Simon Knibbs

We've got exciting news! As of this week, EPLAN are exclusively granting first insights into the upcoming EPLAN platform, EPLAN Platform 2022, which will be launched this summer.

So much should be said in advance: The new EPLAN platform is not a simple update. It is a completely new version and therefore has its own name: EPLAN Platform 2022. This does not mean that it will only be available in 2022. Rather, it has so much functionality that it "extends" far into the future of engineering.

EPLAN Platform 2022EPLAN Platform 2022The new EPLAN Platform 2022 with a completely new user interface: The practical multi-function bar with modern ribbon technology adapts flexibly to the application.

New look - new feel

The highlight of the EPLAN Platform 2022 is a completely new user interface that is significantly more user-friendly. Visually and functionally based on state-of-the-art apps for mobile devices and internationally established desktop applications, the focus here is on simplicity and clarity. The practical multi-function bar with modern ribbon technology adapts flexibly to the application - for example when changing from 2D to 3D. Furthermore, EPLAN has completely renewed the surface for both 2D and 3D planning.

Get the chance to see the new Platform 2022 and it's functionality at this year's EPLAN Virtual Fair. Expect live talks, software demos and exciting customer keynotes, as well as the chance to chat directly with the experts. 


Register to attend the event on the 28th and 29th April - https://www.eplan-software.com/company/events/eplan-virtual-fair/ 

Performance driver: New central parts management

A completely new graphics module in the 2D area ensures optimum performance even for large projects. When importing DXF or DWG files, processing is significantly accelerated. The new central parts management also serves as a performance driver and at the same time offers flexibility in the adaptation of parts data through its object-oriented data management. Thanks to the integrated variant management, users can save all article properties with the individual variant. From this, articles can be given different macros in next to no time - also in combination with Excel for easy processing of external article data.

Dark modeWith the support of dark and light mode, the result is a state-of-the-art application with an optimised look and feel.

Backstage provides an overview at project level

With the new backstage view, users can edit all aspects of an EPLAN project in one central location - for example, open and create projects, import DWG data or export PLC or production data. A list of the most recently used projects provides a good overview - as does the logical organisation of all project-related actions. And the newly integrated insertion center combines all the functions for inserting symbols, macros and devices, including a graphical preview, which are required for the efficient creation of circuit diagrams.

Platform meets cloud


The new EPLAN platform 2022, which will be launched in summer under the motto “It's in your hands”, has far more innovations. One of them: The direct connection between on-premise and the cloud. With EPLAN eManage, projects from the EPLAN platform can be uploaded to the cloud environment, where they can be shared and managed. The free version has been available since mid-March.

You can find more information in the press release or at:https://www.eplan-software.com/solutions/eplan-platform/eplan-platform-2022/ 

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