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John Boynton John Boynton John has worked for EPLAN for 24 years and is our Technical Business Manager. A member of The Institute of Engineering & Technology, and The Engineering Council for over 20 years, John has a wealth of experience and skills ranging from analysing customers' processes in order to identify areas in which could be made more efficient, to project management, consultancy, method counselling and project commissioning.

From augmented reality to cabling: networked engineering in practice

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Connectors, augmented reality, 3D cable planning and more: At the Virtual Fair 2022, companies such as ABB and Rockwell Automation gave us insight into their experiences with EPLAN. The recordings are now available.

Achieving more together. Not only did EPLAN experts present at this year's Virtual Fair 2022, but we also had the pleasure of being joined by many of our customers and partners. Under the motto "Get connected!", they reported first-hand how they all use the EPLAN software in practice for consistently networked processes. In this blog we present some highlights of both customer and partner presentations, which are now available online. Gain access to the EPLAN Virtual Fair 2022 media library here.

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ABB: Configure electrical systems with just a few clicks

Component manufacturers ABB are linked to EPLAN by a long-term partnership. At the Virtual Fair 2022, Aleksandar Grbic, Global Data Center Segment Manager at ABB, presented a clever connection between ABB e-Configure and the EPLAN Data Portal. ABB's configuration platform allows you to assemble accessories for low voltage products. The integration into the Data Portal makes it easier for EPLAN users to select and configure ABB components. All the necessary information can be imported directly into the EPLAN projects. For more information, watch the full keynote "Easily design your electrical system with EPLAN and ABB e-Configure in just a few clicks” which can be viewed in the Virtual Fair media library.

Automated Drive Systems: How Augmented Reality can revolutionise working with digital prototypes

Brenden Fritz, President of Automated Drive Systems from Omaha, reports in the presentation "Digital Prototyping: using Augmented Reality as a game changer" on the experiences his company has had with AR solutions. Automated Drive Systems uses the AR add-on from EPLAN eView, to present customers with the virtual prototype of their control cabinet planning easily via tablet. Important documentation and information on installed components are also available everywhere in paperless form. Brenden Fritz also sees potential for augmented reality applications in control cabinet wiring, for example when using EPLAN Smart Wiring.

Control box ARWith EPLAN eView AR, switchgear and its virtual prototype can be compared directly with each other.

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BEB Solutions: New ways of 3D cabling

In the lecture "New ways of 3D cabling", Jens Brinkmann, CEO at BEB Solutions, gave an impressive practical example of why direct collaboration between electrical and mechanical departments is so important, especially in cable planning: It only becomes apparent when a single drill hole is missing recognised on the shop floor of the already manufactured system, the supposedly small detail can lead to delays in delivery. There was also a discussion of how software such as EPLAN Harness proD can support these and other challenges in cable planning.

Borehole View ECAD and MCADIn practice, this small optical difference between the electrotechnical and mechanical planning view can lead to delays in delivery if the various departments do not actively work together.

Rockwell Automation: First-hand experience of the industrial automation ecosystem

In the keynote "Ecosystem of Industrial Automation: first-hand insights into practice", Tim McCain, responsible for Rockwell Automation's Digital Partner Program, reported on the roles the company plays in the industrial automation ecosystem. As an interviewee in EPLAN's new white paper, he also emphasises: "Digital change gives our ecosystem the opportunity to communicate more efficiently: cloud-based tools make it possible to give the right stakeholders direct access to information."

Conclusion: The possibilities for digital networking in practice are manifold. The EPLAN Virtual Fair 2022 offered numerous examples of this. You can gain access to the media library of the online event.

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