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Graham Bloom Graham Bloom Graham has worked at EPLAN for over 8 years and is a Professional Services Senior Consultant. His background and experience in electrical, mechanical and production engineering mean that he provides excellent service in training and consultancy. Graham works closely with customers to define their optimal solutions based on EPLAN's product portfolio. He also works closely with the pre-sales team to analyse customers' specific requirements and understand their business drives & needs to translate them into a technical solution.

The top 5 blogs of 2021!

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And in the blink on an eye, 2021 draws to a close. As always, we like to take this time to take you on a journey back through the top 5 blogs of the year. This year EPLAN brought you a completely new user experience with Platform 2022, updated and new cloud solutions and many design tips and tricks.

We have gathered 5 of our top blog posts of 2020 which address some of the key factors that will help ensure 2021 is your most efficient engineering year to date!


1. It is here: The future of Engineering

The EPLAN Platform 2022 is here! Have you downloaded the new version? With the new update you can expect an intuitive interface based on popular operating concepts you are familiar with, a backstage view for full project vision and an insert centre that serves as a one stop shop. Discover more about Platform 2022 and the future of engineering in this blog.

Future of Engineering


2. How do I migrate from EPLAN 5 to EPLAN Electric P8?

EPLAN 5 was originally made to run optimally on Windows XP, both of which are now very outdated. If you're still using EPLAN 5, you could be missing out on the many benefits of EPLAN Electric P8. Here’s a step by step guide on how to securely convert your EPLAN 5 files to EPLAN Electric P8 without losing any work.

Migrate to Electric P8


3. Static, Dynamic and Conditional forms – Do you know the difference?

Using the best type of form at the right time during a project’s lifecycle not only benefits yourself as a design engineer, but also the client and the shop floor. In this blog we discuss the difference between static forms and dynamic forms, as well as the benefits of each. 
Explore Types of Forms


4. Augmented Reality for 3D control cabinets: The EPLAN eVIEW add-on

You can now take your 3D digital twin on the go! With the EPLAN eVIEW Free AR add-on you are able to directly project a 3D design from EPLAN Pro Panel into your physical environment. In this blog we explain how the new add-on works, its technical requirements, plus you can try it out for yourself with the demo project.

eVIEW Augmented Reality


5. How to correctly import components into parts management

Work smarter with a high-quality and accurate component list! In this blog article, we give you points that you should pay attention to when working with a parts import, for example from the EPLAN Data Portal.

Import Components into Parts Management

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