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With the EPLAN Platform 2022, the focus is on the digital future

Author: Ian Greeves

EPLAN CEO Sebastian Seitz speaks to 'be top' magazine about the new EPLAN platform 2022, new connections to the cloud and current industry trends in the industrial ecosystem.

Sebastian Seitz portrait


What capabilities will electrical engineering software need to have in ten years' time? EPLAN provides clear answers - and opens a new chapter around its proven engineering platform. 


In the current 'be top' magazine, CEO Sebastian Seitz explains how EPLAN puts the future of its solutions in the hands of its users.

EPLAN Platform 2022 offers users a new user experience

When developing the EPLAN Platform 2022, which is expected to be available from summer 2021, a completely new user experience was a top priority. The layout and functionality of the interface are based on well-known and internationally established mobile and desktop applications. Due to the growing number of software functions, the new interface is structured using a multi-function bar, insertion aids and a backstage view. This means that important and frequently used features can be seen and accessed at first sight.

"In a private environment, we have become accustomed to software whose functions are obvious to us without much explanation during use. Especially in a technical work environment such as engineering, users also expect tools that not only deliver high-quality results, but are also state-of-the-art in terms of operation and appearance - and remain so in the long term," emphasises Sebastian Seitz.

Further topics at a glance:

  •  Industry trends in the industrial ecosystem
  •  New connections to the cloud with EPLAN eMANAGE
  •  Strategies for opening up new markets in the digital transformation
  •  The new subscription model for EPLAN new licenses

Read the entire article in the be top web magazine.

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