100,000 registrations ofr Eplan.com

Software and services from a single source: 100,000 registrations on eplan.com

Author: John Boynton

Cloud software, online tutorials and much more: EPLAN users can find many useful solutions and features at 'eplan.com', which this month marks 100,000 registrations!

One online environment, many options: EPLAN users worldwide have access to a wide range of solutions and services at www.eplan.com. We're taking the 100,000th registration as an opportunity to take a closer look at the site.

What services does 'eplan.com' offer software users?

In the login area of ​​www.eplan.com, users have access to attractive services for the new generation of the EPLAN platform (from version 2022), which are being continuously expanded:

  • Eplan Engineering Standard supports working with the software

Standardisation templates, application examples and best practices are available with the EPLAN Engineering Standard. These can be easily downloaded, viewed and used for getting started with the EPLAN software.

  • Guided installation: EPLAN setup made easy

The Guided Installation outlines all the important steps to install the current EPLAN platform on individual company systems. Assistance is available for single-user and network licenses and is specified again within this structure for initial and update installations.

  • eLearning: Refresh your knowledge at any time with interactive online tutorials

With our interactive e-learning, users can refresh their practical knowledge of the current EPLAN software at any time. Many of the modules available at ''eplan.com' can be consumed free of charge after logging in. The eLearning offer is constantly being expanded to include new topics.

What software is available at 'eplan.com'?

Logging in to www.eplan.com gives you access to a wide range of EPLAN Cloud solutions. With the uniform login, many of them can also be called up directly from the EPLAN platform (from version 2022) and used in a cleverly linked way.

Alongside EPLAN eView, EPLAN eManage enables active collaboration with colleagues and business partners. Projects can be easily and securely shared and coordinated in the EPLAN Cloud.

The EPLAN Data Portal offers access to a large number of standardized device and article data, which can be integrated directly into EPLAN projects. The latest feature is the EPLAN Data Portal Request Process, which can be used to easily order individual article data from experienced EPLAN experts.

EPLAN eBuild enables users to create circuit diagrams practically at the push of a button. With this methodology, which is based on libraries that can be created individually, the first step towards automated engineering is successful.

Conclusion: logging in to www.eplan.com is worthwhile! If you are not among the 100,000 registered yet, register now for free.

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