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Guided installation: Get started faster with the EPLAN platform

Author: Nigel Grant

EPLAN Guided Installation shows new customers how to get started with the current EPLAN Platform 2022, right from the initial download with free online tutorials.

The EPLAN Platform 2022 is EPLAN's current engineering platform and the beginning of a brand new software generation. This update supports far more than the classic ECAD functionalities as it provides users with a multi-tool for their daily work. This means you will always have the right tool at hand, from preliminary planning to the construction of switchgear or cable harnesses.

But before a productive start, the software must first be properly installed on the user's premises. I
t's recommended that you have an administrator in the company who takes care of setting up EPLAN in the individual company environment. To make the installation and configuration of the software as easy as possible, we have introduced an installation guide. 

Guided Installation: Install EPLAN Platform, configure standards and the first steps to design

The Guided Installation explains all the important steps to install the current EPLAN platform on individual company systems. The help is available for single-user and network licenses and is specified again within this structure for initial and update installations. Users can select the type of installation they require and are then guided through a more detailed selection of topics. The detailed steps are based on recommendations from a team of EPLAN Professional Services Consultants to ensure every installation runs smoothly. If questions should still arise during the installation phase, EPLAN Consulting offers support.

Guided installationGuided Installation is part of the EPLAN Engineering Standard. It supports the correct installation and configuration of the EPLAN Platform 2022.

Install EPLAN single-user license

As an example, the following content is available for the initial installation of a single -user license: hardware and software requirements, video-supported assistance with the installation, first steps with the software, as well as other important information.

In short "how-to videos"  the Guided Installation guides (new) EPLAN users through the installation and configuration of the current EPLAN Platform 2022. Here: Installation of a single-user license.

Install EPLAN correctly and benefit consistently

The standardised installation not only saves valuable time when getting started with the software, but is also advantageous for later use. Therefore we strongly recommend that users who are taking their first steps with EPLAN to take some time and read the short instructions and watch the videos of the Guided Installation.

In addition, EPLAN provides other assets for Platform 2022 which assists with the standardisation and optimisation of the software. The EPLAN Engineering Standard helps provide a solid foundation for faster implementation and consistent added value with specific examples and templates.

All topics of the EPLAN Guided Installation can be found here:

EPLAN guided installation

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