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Digital & Global: The EPLAN Virtual Fair 2022

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Get connected! The EPLAN Virtual Fair 2022 brings together people interested in engineering from all over the world for the 7th time. The online event provides constructive answers to the question: "What are the important factors to efficiently work together in the industrial automation ecosystem?"

Which trends distinguish the future of engineering? What are the important factors to efficiently work together in the industrial automation ecosystem? How has EPLAN geared its solutions and services to the challenges ahead? The experts from EPLAN are not the only ones to get to the bottom of these and many other questions at the EPLAN Virtual Fair 2022, customers and interested parties are also invited to exchange views on the latest engineering trends. The key focus of the online fair is the ecosystem of industrial automation - with live talks, best practices, country-specific webcasts and software demos spanning over two days and across several time zones.

Collaboration for better workflows

Timothy J. McCain, Head of the Digital Partner Program at Rockwell Automation, will provide hands-on insights into the industrial automation ecosystem from the perspective of a global player. Dr Andreas Schreiber, Vice President Business Unit Industrial Cabinet Solutions at Phoenix Contact, will show the potential of standardised, AML-based workflows in "Smart Engineering and Production". ABB's partner keynote focuses on electrotechnical planning with EPLAN and ABB e-Configure. According to Aleksandar Grbic, Global Data Center Segment Manager at ABB, interested parties will discover how to begin configuration in just a few clicks.

EPLAN customers are also invited to share their best-practice solutions: Brenden Fritz, President of Automation Drive Systems in Ohama, Nebraska, will show the potential in digital prototyping. With the use of augmented reality based on eView Free AR, the company is showing interesting potential in control cabinet construction. Jens Brinkmann, CEO of BEB Solutions GmbH, will also join us to present completely new ways of 3D cabling using EPLAN Harness proD. Other companies involved in the EPLAN Partner Network will have their own exhibition space in the virtual format.

Eplan_Haluk Menderes

"We are very pleased that this year's EPLAN Virtual Fair is 100% geared towards collaboration in engineering," explains Haluk Menderes, Managing Director at EPLAN. There are also more sessions than ever before in your local languages from participating countries such as Austria, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as, live sessions from Brazil and Canada. In addition, there will be live talks around industry topics in the automotive, energy, building technology and process industries.

More exchange = more success

Seven live demos on multiple software topics will provide practical insights into the new features of the EPLAN platform, the opportunities of the EPLAN Cloud and the efficiency potential of the integrated value chain in control and switchgear construction. A live video chat function offers participants the opportunity to network in a virtual space and there is no shortage of fun with a competition.

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